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UKactive Urges Government Shake-up of Sedentary Office Culture

UKactive Chair Tanni Grey-Thompson appeared on international news network CNBC to urge the Government to tackle the ‘toxic’ toll of sedentary working cultures by incentivising employees to be active. The legendary Paralympian and cross-bench peer noted that ‘physical inactivity costs the UK £20bn each year and is the cause of 37,000 premature deaths’ with desk-bound office

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Your Lumbar Discs Are Getting Crunched

Your spine is practically begging you to stand. An upright position puts the discs in your lower back in proper alignment and minimizes the pressure they endure. Sitting, on the other hand, forces the vertebrae to crunch down onto each other and put a lot more force, increasing the risk of chronic lower back pain. When you’re

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Summer Holidays “Bad For Child Health”

UK Active have released new information on how Summer holidays have a negative effect on children’s health. They found that, on average, British school children lose 80 per cent of the fitness they build up during term time through “lazy” time off, with activities such as summer camps and sports clubs out of financial reach

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How To Quit The Sedentary Lifestyle

Aileen Flynn is clinical specialist physiotherapist in musculoskeletal care at the the Beacon Hospital, Sandyford, Dublin. She is also a triathlete. She recently wrote this article for The Irish Times… Modern life has resulted in many of us adapting to a sedentary lifestyle. If you are desk-bound at work and sit on your journey to

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Trials of Standing Desks in Manchester Coucil

We have put 3 standing desks (sit-stand) into one of Manchester’s largest and most forward thinking Council offices for a 6 week trial. Today we attended their Health and Wellbeing day to explain face to face with employees the benefits of active working and standing desks. The response was overwhelmingly positive. In the UK just

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Middle-aged male office workers more sedentary than over-75-year-olds

Edinburgh University recently released information that had some astounding content…middle-aged male office workers spend more time sitting down than pensioners. Their study found 45 to 54-year-old men spend on average 7.8 hours per weekday sitting down, compared to 7.4 hours for men aged over-75. Sedentary work is the main reason for the inactivity, with sedentary

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Humans Are Designed to Move – Part 2

Carrying on from yesterday here’s some more information on how inactivity affects our major organs and health… Lungs  When you sit down all day, you reduce the amount of oxygen entering your body. Sitting results in less space for your lungs to expand when you breathe and limits the amount of oxygen that fills your lungs.

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Humans Are Designed to Move – Part 1

We spend, on average, almost nine hours a day sat down – and that’s not taking into account the eight hours we spend lying down, asleep. You might be sat there thinking ‘not me’, but when you break your day down into time spent commuting, sitting at work, commuting back home again and sitting down to

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