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We recently bought 11 Eiger Student Classroom Standing Desks and we think they are brilliant!

Andrew Hodgson

West Green Primary School

The children loved them and most wanted to try using them. It helped some of our more fidgety children to stay at their desks rather than roaming around. It was great for children to have the choice of how to work. 

We will be looking into allocating some of next year's sports premium money to purchasing more.

Jenny Stiff

St John's CE Primary School

We have used one desk in our year 6 class to meet the needs of one specific learner. It has been very successful. The child in question has made a marked improvement in his ability to focus and managed himself within the classroom setting. This is something that I would recommend and use again.

Charlotte Worley

St George's Junior School

We have found the tables extremely useful and would like to keep the tables we have had on trial.

We placed a table in every year group....children who trialled the desks seemed less fidgety and more focused. I would recommend the tables to other schools.

Suzanne Owen

Oasis Academy Wamdon

Year 2, 4, 5, 6 used the desks. Our pupil demonstrated better focus, more work was completed and the children were more engaged.

We'd like to keep the desks we trialled!

Mrs J Wood

Little London Community Primary School

We have found the standing desks a wonderful way to meet a range of learning styles and needs...We find the standing desks invaluable for providing another option for those children who truly find it difficult to stay still. This avoids unnecessary conflicts between peers and means lesson can flow without interruption. They are easy to set up and manoeuvre (which allows for flexibility when teaching different groups/classes), and work well in a busy classroom.

Jo Rees

ARK Atwood Primary Academy

EIGER Pro Plus arrived. Love it! Really looking forward to using a standing desk at home.

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