Eiger Student

The EIGER Student will convert any classroom desk to a standing desk in seconds. Any age of child can use one and impact their learning.

Eiger Pro

The EIGER Pro is our beautiful retrofit standing desk converter to complement any type of workspace – office or home. 

Eiger Sit Stand

Our sit-stand desk range is made up of electric and manual mechanisms and multiple desktop sizes for any space.

Since 2016, EIGER Standing Desk converters have been helping children and adults in schools and businesses all over the UK and Europe

EIGER classroom standing desks are used daily by over 1000 schools and support thousands of children

Our eco-friendly, Scandinavian inspired designs are functional and beautiful and they are made with pride in the UK. 

Assembles and dis-assembles in seconds

Any age group can use it

Significantly help neurodiverse students

Pupil, Sport & SEN budget applicable

Eiger Student

Standing benefits

Benefits for adults

Benefits for children

UK made & proud

Functional, yet beautiful

Every single one of our EIGER standing desks is beautifully crafted here in the UK. Made from 100% eco-sustainable birch plywood and hand finished to ensure the quality you want and we expect…100% guaranteed.

Made in Britain

The future of standing up
has never looked so good

Converts any sitting desk to a standing desk in seconds

Seperate keyboard and monitor shelf means correct ergonomic position

Unique back section to ensure best stability

Beautiful Scandi design

Eiger Pro

Supporting neurodiversity

Help unlock neurodiverse children and adults potential by letting them stand!

It is estimated that 15-20% of children and adults in the UK are neurodiverse. The children find it difficult to sit and focus in the classroom. The adults are the same in their workspace. Giving them an option to stand transforms their educational and work experiences.



What our customers are saying

We have found the EIGER standing desks extremely useful and would like to keep the ones we have had on trial. I would recommend the EIGER's to other schools.

Suzanne Owen

Oasis Academy Wamdon

The children loved them and most wanted to try using them. It helped some of our more fidgety children to stay at their desks rather than roaming around. It was great for children to have the choice of how to work. 

Jenny Stiff

St John's CE Primary School

I've had my EIGER Pro a couple of months now and standing for approx half the day. It perfectly suits my approach to keeping fit (ie. nothing too strenuous, time consuming or repetitive) and it's definitely making a difference. The transition from standing to sitting and back does only take a few seconds. Feels very solid, looks great and it helps keep me fit. What's not to love!

Andy B

We find the standing desks invaluable for providing another option for those children who truly find it difficult to stay still. They are easy to set up and manoeuvre, and work well in a busy classroom.

Jo Rees

ARK Atwood Primary Academy

I am very pleased with my EIGER Standing Desk - just what my back needed! It is robust yet attractive.

Pauline Bailey

I am a very happy EIGER Pro Plus user, now 6 months in. Such a great product!

Elaine Walss

I absolutely love my EIGER Pro! As a psychotherapist sitting in a chair for many hours in a day I feel so much better for my active standing. It is so well made and the aesthetics fit my workspace helping set its ambience of calmness and purpose. 5 stars without doubt!!

David Monks

Ready for education

We offer free trials and payment plans.

At EIGER we are passionate about helping children fulfill their potential. As a result, we offer a range of payment options to schools and education providers.

From free trials, payment plans and Klarna to invoice payment, we aim to be flexible and as accommodating as possible, so that you get the most out of your school budget.

Frequently asked questions

Please get in touch should you have any other questions

Humans are designed to be active. The biggest provider of inactivity in today’s world is the chair. A standing desk allows us to move and work with technology. This impacts energy expenditure and calorie burning, posture (both corrective and preventative) and also our mental wellbeing.

  • The unique and design protected back stand ensures total stability and removes any annoying “keyboard bounce” when typing.
  • The whole unit simply locks into place making it 100% secure.
  • The mail shelf size fits more than just a mouse and keyboard making it flexible.
  • It has multiple cable tidy points, phone groove holders and even a pen holder.
  • Optional anti-slip feet supplied.

Our EIGER Student and Pro come with a unbeatable 10 year guarantee.

Just go to the EIGER Student product page and click one of the many links. Just fill in the simple and quick form and we’ll do the rest.

We are highly accommodating when it comes to payment options, whether it is for a school, business or for personal use. From Credit or Debit Card payment, to Klarna. Schools can pay by Invoice or use our installment plan – Easy Pay.

EIGER Student and Pro will be dispatched from our warehouse in 24/48 hours.

Sit-stand desks (which include onsite assembly) take 3/4 weeks.

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Payment Options

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