EIGER Student

EIGER Student Standing Desks are used daily in over 1000 schools and by thousands of children.

Our research shows that 100% of teachers see positive impacts in children’s academic progress.

It is the UK’s No.1 classroom standing desk.

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EIGER Student Desk

Everything you need to know about an EIGER:

  • Converts any classroom desk to a standing desk
  • Works for any age group
  • Assembles and dis-assembles in seconds
  • Weighs just 4.5KG
  • Spacious main desktop with text book groove
  • Desktop angle assists with improving hand writing
  • Max width 51cm Max depth 49cm.
  • Takes up only 1 pupil space
  • Made from super strong 18mm birch plywood
  • Protective clear lacquer finish – easy to wipe clean
  • Eco- friendly 100% recyclable
  • Designed in UK. Made in UK.
  • 10 Year Guarantee – made to last
  • Sport Premium, Pupil Premium and SEN eligible
  • Volume discount available
  • Kids and teachers love them!

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Standing benefits

Benefits for children


Allow children to burn off energy and keep focus in class 


Encourage a more natural and healthy posture for a healthy spine


Micro movements stimulate blood flow and in turn improved brain function 


Standing burns extra calories and helps combat obesity in children

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Learn more about the Student Standing Desk

Yes. Both neurotypical and neurodiverse children will benefit from an option to stand and learn rather than all day sitting.

Yes it will. The multi adjustable shelf means it can be used in a Primary or Secondary school by all age groups.

It is purposely designed so that it takes up only one pupil space.

Yes. It is very simple to do and doesn’t need to be another task for a teacher.

Just click on one of the many free trial links on the website and complete the simple form.

A school can pay online with a debit or credit card or they can contact us and we will raise an invoice which can be paid by BACS or cheque. 

Schools can use there Pupil, Sport and SEN budgets where applicable.

Yes. Just email us at sales@iwantastandingdesk.com and we’ll set up an account and send the school an invoice payable in 30 days. We’ll send out your EIGER desks immediately.

Yes, because it introduces activity and movement into an otherwise sedentary and unhealthy environment. Children sit for between 3-4 hours every school day in class and form a negative behaviour pattern they take with them through life. A classroom standing desk option helps change this.

Inactivity is the developed world’s No.1 underlying health problem.


What our customers are saying

The children loved them and most wanted to try using them. It helped some of our more fidgety children to stay at their desks rather than roaming around. It was great for children to have the choice of how to work. 

Jenny Stiff

St John's CE Primary School

We have found the EIGER standing desks extremely useful and would like to keep the ones we have had on trial. I would recommend the EIGER's to other schools.

Suzanne Owen

Oasis Academy Wamdon

We find the standing desks invaluable for providing another option for those children who truly find it difficult to stay still. They are easy to set up and manoeuvre, and work well in a busy classroom.

Jo Rees

ARK Atwood Primary Academy

We are thrilled with the EIGER standing desks and they have had a positive impact. We have 5 and we have trialed this across school.

St Patrick's RC Primary School Preston

I set one EIGER up straight away and I cannot tell you the difference I’ve seen in the children already. I have pre-formal learners who get quite distressed when asked to sit at a desk. One child hasn’t been able to do any tasks at a desk but today he was able to complete three tasks throughout the course of the day. I am so very grateful. I’ll be telling everyone about these.

John Doe

Becontree Primary School

The children in our school continue to use our standing desks - we absolutely love them (I just wish we could afford one for every child!) I have recently completed an audit for standing desks in our school and we would like to purchase another 14 desks.

Dobcroft Junior School Sheffield

Our pupils have only been using the desks for a few weeks. They have been remarkable!!

Winterbourne Girls Junior School

They are fantastic! We can't do without them!
They have changed life in the classroom for the two children we trialed them with. We would like to keep them and order one more please. Thank you so much

Jen Panton


The feedback from the two classes about the standing desks has been amazing. Thank you for getting them out to us so quickly. The children have really enjoyed using them and I would be looking to budget to buy some more at some point in the future.

St. Edward's Catholic Primary School

They have been particularly useful to a few of our children who have an ADHD diagnosis. These children in particular enjoyed the freedom to choose where they worked and having the ability to move around meant that the work they produced was of a higher quality than when they are asked to sit for the duration of a task. We also liked how easily they could be transported from one classroom to another when required.

St. George's Preparatory School

We'd definitely like to keep the 4 desks we currently have had on trial and will get back to you soon regarding ordering more.

Lisa Wilkinson


The desks have gone down a storm with pupils and teachers, they really help us to deliver our flexible learning approach and are in constant use by all pupils in the class on a rotation basis. We would very much like to keep the desks that we currently have and may look to add more over the next academic year.

Portway Junior School Derby

Could you kindly invoice us for the two standing desks that we have and also send us another one... they are a big hit!

Andrew Baldock

St Joseph's Northfleet

Supporting neurodiversity

Help unlock your neurodiverse children's potential by letting them stand!

It is estimated that 15-20% of children in the UK are neurodiverse. Significant numbers of children find sitting and concentrating extremely difficult which makes no sense in a learning environment. Giving them an option to stand when needed transforms their educational experience and outcomes.

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