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To trial our proven EIGER Students in your school decide how many of our Pupil, Sport and SEN budget eligible standing desks you want and fill out the form opposite.   

Our recommendation is to start with 8 EIGER’s (4 in two different classrooms) – children don’t like being the “only one” to do anything.

Budget Available Confirmation: Please only choose a number of EIGER’s your school budget will allow you to purchase if the trial is a success – 95% of trials are successful. If needed, please confirm this with your School Business Manager or Headteacher before arranging a trial.

An EIGER Student costs £199.00+VAT.

We will arrange for an immediate dispatch and allow you a couple of days to get them set up in the classroom before the 2 week trial starts. Holidays will be taken into account.

We’ll contact you after week 1 to check everything is set up OK and at the end of week 2 to discuss the impacts and what you want to do next…keep them or let us collect them. 

So just fill in the simple form opposite and we’ll do the rest.

Please note. A £10.00 +VAT collection fee per desk will apply. Damaged or graffitied desks will not be accepted back and invoiced accordingly. If we have no communication from the school 14 days after the trial has ended an invoice will be raised for the desks you have.


What our customers are saying

The children loved them and most wanted to try using them. It helped some of our more fidgety children to stay at their desks rather than roaming around. It was great for children to have the choice of how to work. 

Jenny Stiff

St John's CE Primary School

We have found the EIGER standing desks extremely useful and would like to keep the ones we have had on trial. I would recommend the EIGER's to other schools.

Suzanne Owen

Oasis Academy Wamdon

We find the standing desks invaluable for providing another option for those children who truly find it difficult to stay still. They are easy to set up and manoeuvre, and work well in a busy classroom.

Jo Rees

ARK Atwood Primary Academy

I set an EIGER Student up straight away and I cannot tell you the difference I’ve seen in the children already. I have pre-formal learners who get quite distressed when asked to sit at a table. One child hasn’t been able to do any tasks at a table but today he was able to complete three tasks throughout the course of the day. I am so very grateful. I’ll be telling everyone about these.

Becontree Primary School

The children in our school continue to use our standing desks - we absolutely love them (I just wish we could afford one for every child!) I have recently completed an audit for standing desks in our school and we would like to purchase another 14 desks.

Dobcroft Junior School


They are fantastic! We can't do without them!
They have changed life in the classroom for the two children we trialled them with. We would like to keep them and order one more please.
Thank you so much

Jen Panton


Helping neurodiversity

Help unlock your neurodiverse children's potential by letting them stand!

It is estimated that 15-20% of children in the UK are neurodiverse. Significant numbers of children find sitting and concentrating extremely difficult which makes no sense in a learning environment. Giving them an option to stand when needed transforms their educational experience and outcomes.

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