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Benefits of Buying A Standing Desk

Here at I Want A Standing Desk we don’t want to scare you over the facts about sitting too much. We just want to give you the facts that allow you to make an informed decision. Here’s some facts for you to consider… When sitting your metabolic rate crashes to an absolute minimum. You only burn

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On Your Feet Britain

Office workers are being urged to move about more by new campaign, launched by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Get Britain Standing. The campaign is aimed at encouraging office staff to be more mobile at work. Many people spend only half an hour on their feet in the office and fear being sedentary is

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Every Day Active: Physical Trainer & Triathlete, Paul Roberts

Standing Workstations Hi, my name is Paul Roberts. I am a Physical Trainer and founder of Tribal Triathlete (www.tribaltriathlete.com), a triathlon training company that takes a lot of its inspiration from our evolutionary past. I believe that sitting for long periods is unhealthy and I would like to explain why. Being at odds with our

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Education & Classroom Standing Desks For Schools

The World’s 1st Education Retrofit Classroom Standing Desk. Today’s children are referred to as “Generation Inactive”. They are the 1st generation who are expected to live shorter lives than their parents and the reason is inactivity. As far as we’re concerned, that’s not acceptable. Statistics show that today’s kids are inactive in classrooms for 4.5

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