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We Want to Become Neurodiverse Champions in the Workplace. Join our FREE Trial Study!

Every school day we help 1000’s of neurodiverse children learn more effectively by being able to stand at an EIGER Student desk and document their work. It’s simple, it works and it’s a fantastic feeling to help these children.

Neurodiversity does not stop in children though. It’s estimated around 15% of UK adults are neurodiverse. So it’s not rocket science to presume that giving the ones who are desk-bound the option to stand will have a positive impact.

This is a quick story from Lisa who is one of our neurodiverse adult customers

“I’ve spent my whole life disliking any task that involves me sitting down and writing or typing. I cannot concentrate, I have this need to constantly move.

It wasn’t until age 32 at University I got an ADHD diagnosis. This wasn’t a surprise really but at the same time it was, wow, I’m not just fidgety, unable to focus or stupid like I’d been called my whole school life. It was an actual real neurodivergent condition that affects my ability to sit and learn/work.

 I still didn’t tell anyone until I started in my current organisation and because they have such an inclusive approach to staff I felt able to discuss the challenges I face sitting down and focusing.

 They have provided me with an EIGER Pro standing desk and this means I am more productive in work, I am able to focus on tasks and get things done much quicker. It also means the energy I would have sitting down is regulated because I am standing.

 I would encourage anyone with ADHD characteristics to consider a standing desk and see the difference it can make.”

We want to help change the neurodiverse workplace landscape for the better. We want encourage employers to be more aware of their neurodiverse employees’ difficulties and to do that we need data. We want to show and record how in just 14 days, using a standing desk can make a significant difference.

So if you’re neurodiverse and are interested in having a completely free 14 day trial of our fantastic EIGER Pro standing desk you can find out how by clicking this link.

We’re hoping that in helping you, over time, we can help 1000’s of neurodiverse adults have a happier and more rewarding time whilst at work.

Let’s do it and make a difference!


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