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Employers…What’s In It For You?

We’re going to keep it simple here because we feel it’s a simple message… the healthier and happier your employees are can only be better for you.

For example…

  • If your employees are healthier and happier that can only result in increased productivity and performance, which can only lead to increased profits for you.
  •  A healthier group of employees can only result in fewer sick days…7.6 million working days are lost a year as a result of musculoskeletal disorders in the UK alone!
  •  An employer that takes an active interest in their employee’s well-being is only going to create a strong relationship and with that comes loyalty…it also helps attract a great caliber of new employees as well.

(If you want extra information about the benefits of standing more and sitting less just click this link…)

In 2011, a 7-week project involving 34 people revealed that by standing just 1 hour more a day 87% felt more energised…87% more comfortable…75% healthier…71% more focused…66% more productive…38% a reduction in fatigue…50% reduction in back pain… and 100% felt better!

Some of our Business Customers have taken the approach of placing a small number of “open” desks in each office so that when an employee wants to stand, they can…a Jack Desk can be altered to suit different people in seconds.

So it’s not rocket science and we’re convinced that standing desks are a truly worthwhile investment for both employer and employees.

Be an OUTSTANDING employer and have your employees healthier and happier…Up Is Good!

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