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Teacher News – The Benefits of Beach School.

Right on the heels of the ever-growing forest school movement comes another excellent reason to get teachers and students out of their seats and into the fresh air to experience a new trend in schooling. Taking lessons out of the classroom and learning in the natural environment of the seaside.

I Want A Standing Desk UK Blog Writes About Beach Schools And Teaching Outdoors

Just under one in five children have never been to a beach according to a survey last year by Keep Britain Tidy. This needs to change according to community based outdoor learning company “Beach Schools Southwest” Their own Ali Murray said “We work with schools to take the curriculum to the beach. Our aim is to get children outside, off their bottoms in the classroom, and out on to the beach – which they love. They learn in a completely different environment – and they really do learn.”

Ali works with schools across the south-west particularly those with access to enrichment funding for disadvantaged pupils to organise safe trips to nearby beaches. Despite living close by Murray explained many children still hadn’t been to the beach.

The teaching opportunity provided by a new environment allows the freshly captivated children to learn about tidal forecasts, lunar cycles, ecology, marine pollution, shelter building, sand art and participate in teamwork exercises and beach cleaning giving them a sense of social responsibility so richly needed.

Beach Teaching. I Want A Standing Desk Blog Writes About Beach Schools

Murray says the benefits are far reaching “They sleep better. Their appetites are better. They form amazing friendships outside the classroom, and their creativity is incredible,”

In light of the new data that active kids are 16% more productive we are pleased to share a story about a new type of teaching that puts the onus on movement and health for the next generation. Forest schools are still great but this can be another inexpensive method to get our kids outside and off their behinds.

We offer standing desk trials for schools interested in increasing their in-class seating options to stimulate movement and engagement.

Beach schools were written about in The Guardian here.

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