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UK office workers consume an extra 100,000 calories each year just from snacking

Doughnut in drawerA new study of 1000 women has found that UK female office workers are consuming an extra 100,000 calories a year from snacking at their desks. 

The study shows they indulge in at least three snacks during a typical working day, totaling almost 500 calories – with 39 percent admitting to hiding away packets of biscuits and a further 45 percent having a personal stash of crisps.

To back this up we’ve found that it’s quite common for new white collar workers to refer to the “office stone” after just a few months.

For every 3,500 calories, the general rule of thumb is it adds a pound of weight to your waistline — assuming it’s not burned off. The NHS guidelines state women should eat no more than 2,000 calories a day, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How can this behaviour pattern and sitting all day make any sense and help towards a fit and healthy life? It can’t and doesn’t.

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