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Classroom Standing Desk Case Study

Malton Primary School EIGER Classroom Standing Desk PhotoRecently we had a 2 week trial of our EIGER Student Classroom Standing Desks at Malton Primary School in the UK.
It was a huge success.

We asked Richard Allman, the Leader of PE Sport and Development to give us his feedback via a case study and it’s here…
Aim and Objectives of Standing Desk Case Study:

Allow class teachers to assess the impact of standing desks upon classroom behaviour, task engagement, and attitudes to learning.

Quote/s (From pupil/parent/teacher that captures this work):

KS1 Teacher – “I was amazed at how children responded; I had them as provision areas to encourage written work. However, what I found was that the majority of children used the desks to stand, read and collaborate on challenges.

Upper KS2 Teacher – “After the initial excitement wore off it was pleasing to see how quickly Y6 children accepted the desks as part of their daily working environment. They were fully engaged in using them. There were no negative impacts on behaviour in my room.”

What we wanted to change or improve:

We wanted to look into options for increasing provision for purposeful physical activity throughout the school day. We wanted to look at how we could make our classroom environments more active without negatively impacting learning behaviours.

What we did (Key Actions):

We introduced standing desks into classrooms for small scale trial intervention over a 2 week period. We gave class teachers autonomy over how they utilised the desks as a learning resource in their rooms. Staff were tasked with reflecting upon their experiences with a specific focus upon behaviour, engagement, and attitudes to learning.

The Impact:

Participating staff responded unanimously positively about the impact that the desks had in their room.

There were no negative experiences reported in terms of behaviour, engagement and attitudes to learning.

The desks complimented our approach to collaborative learning and facilitated positive discussion to the extent where the desks became a focal point for children to go to in order to collaborate.

So we were delighted with the case study feedback and to learn that Malton Primary will be looking to introduce the EIGER Student standing desks into their classrooms soon.

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