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‘Once you start standing, you’ll never want to stop!’

Andrew Leeming is a senior project officer at Lancashire County Council and Programme Manager at Boost, Lancashire’s business growth hub. After suffering with back pain for many years, Andrew decided to try out an electronic standing desk that was in the office. He was instantly hooked! So, when lockdown hit in March 2020, he was

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Do EIGER classroom standing desks help in a lockdown classroom?

So were back in lockdown and schools are closed with the exception of key worker children. Classroom restrictions and how children can (or maybe it’s better to say can’t) move around are in the Government guidelines which can present issues for both children and teachers. Asking Primary School age children who in the main have

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Creative Classrooms

Recently we read an article in TES about a Year 2 teacher in Dubai who has taken the current COVID classroom guidelines and made them stimulating. How? By letting the children turn their standard sitting desks in to a “den”. We like it! Firstly, all kids like dens – inside or outside. I did. It’s

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Outdoor learning – a great way to help “Corona” back to school?

Scotland’s local authorities are looking to increase outdoor learning as a template to help social distancing when schools go back. It seems, weather permitting, a sound idea. Cameron Sprague is a senior team leader at Stramash Nursery in Fort William. He said: “It’s always been the case that infection control is easier outdoors. We never

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650,000 children have returned to Danish day care centres and primary schools

Denmark has become the first European country under lockdown to start reopening schools, sparking conflict between health officials and concerned parents. Around 650,000 children have returned to day care centres and primary schools in the first phase of the Danish government’s reopening strategy. So what is actually happening in Denmark? Kindergartens and the first five forms in

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Denmark opens Primary Schools after COVID 19

Denmark was one of the first European countries to impose lockdown and is now the first to re-open Primary Schools. Re-opening Primary Schools seems to be one of the earlier benchmarks Governments are considering to relax full lockdown rules. Germany is probably going to be the next. The reasons why? We need to get employed

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