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Just a thought for when your children do arrive back in the classroom…

It seems like chaos in UK schools at the moment. Are we going back to the classroom or not? When – June, July, September? Will the parents let their children go? Is it safe for both children and teachers? There are lots of questions and not enough answers.

Child staring out of windowBut one thing that struck us at EIGER standing desks is that children will have got out of the habit of sitting down for prolonged periods and focusing on lesson work in a classroom environment, certainly in the quantity of a full day at school.

They potentially will find it harder to stay on task. Teachers will potentially find it harder to keep them engaged. Potentially this may be even harder with children on the ADHD/Autistic spectrum.

So having a flexible learning environment should be an advantage. An alternative to sitting will benefit both child and teacher.

We know that an option to stand in class increases brain function and therefore focus and therefore lesson outcomes.

We know that an option to stand helps SEN children significantly. The ADHD Foundation have been encouraging parents and schools for years to allow their children to stand in class as this improves the brains dopamine production which these particular children lack.

Childs handwriting exampleHandwriting? When you haven’t use a pen after a week’s holiday it seems strange at first! We get great feedback from teachers on how children’s handwriting improves because they are standing. An EIGER classroom standing desk helps even more with this as the main shelf is sloped slightly downwards like a writing slope.

And finally there’s that old friend activity. COVID19 had highlighted how inactive we are as a society. The Government advice to take a daily walk in lock-down has created a positive behaviour change. I’ve never seen so many people walking, cycling and running which is fantastic (and long may it continue).


But don’t forget that when most people aren’t active a massive proportion will sit – at work, at home and at school. That doesn’t need to be the case.

Whenever you arrive back in the classroom (you maybe there now) take care and thank you.

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