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5 Ways How Classroom Standing Desks can help Children Return to School in September

We don’t think anyone would argue against the need for school to resume in September as long as it is safe for both children and teachers.

We’re positive that most children will embrace returning to an environment where they can see their friends, have fun, play sport and of course learn!

Back to school classroom Corona

But logic says, after months away from the classroom there may be a few challenges and we think having a number of standing desk options in every classroom will help.

Here are 5 ways we think EIGER Student classroom desks can help in September…

1: No matter how good “home schooling” has been for each individual child (or not), potentially they may find it difficult to go back to longer and more structured lesson formats. Their focus and concentration maybe tested.

Standing is a low level form of activity that increases the brains oxygen levels, glucose levels and vitally our production of dopamine. These all help child or adult stay focused and alert.

2: The children will be less accustomed to sitting for prolonged periods in a learning environment. To offer them a flexible standing option that allows them to “move” and still document their work will have great impacts.

3: SEN children, in particular may really struggle when it comes to sitting. To be able to offer them an option to stand and still be 100% inclusive in the classroom benefits them, all the other children and the teacher.

4: Certain children will not have been as active during lockdown compared to if they had been attending school. Offering them the alternative to stand and learn increases their activity levels with no extra time input from a teacher makes perfect sense.

5: With class bubbles strongly recommended by the Government giving children a “flexible learning environment” will help keep them engaged for longer meaning better lesson outcomes. Having just a small number of standing desk options in a classroom will contribute to this.

Here’s hoping September goes well for you and let us know if we can help you and your school in any way.

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