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Do EIGER classroom standing desks help in a lockdown classroom?

So were back in lockdown and schools are closed with the exception of key worker children. Classroom restrictions and how children can (or maybe it’s better to say can’t) move around are in the Government guidelines which can present issues for both children and teachers.

Asking Primary School age children who in the main have energy levels galore to move even less than normal during their school day isn’t natural. You only need to picture in your mind the levels of activity in a school playground at break time to remind yourself of this.

So chair, child and desk become one!

Lockdown classroom

Offering a child the option to stand for parts of their day in a lockdown classroom brings variation and allows them to make what we call “micro movements” whilst they are learning. It helps keep them focused and on task therefore improving their work outcomes. This obviously also means positive outcomes for the teacher.

If a child is struggling on a given day and being disruptive why not give them the option to stand? Movement increases dopamine production which is the brains chemical messenger so it makes total sense.

Then there are those children who are on the ADHD/Autistic spectrum. To offer these children an alternative to full time sitting would almost be considered as a must have. In particular children with ADHD quite literally have to concentrate to sit still which only means they are not fully focused on the lesson…so let them stand!

EIGER student classroom standing desk

So do EIGER classroom standing desks improve a lockdown classroom? Yes!

“The standing desks have such a positive impact on children who find sitting still for long periods of time challenging. Children have commented that they feel much more awake and engaged when using the desks. The desks enable the children to move around whilst continuing to learn.”

Dobcroft Primary School. Sheffield. October 2020

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