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Why this Primary School purchased 16 extra EIGER Student classroom standing desks…

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In February 2020 after a successful 4 week trial Dobcroft Junior School from Sheffield purchased 8 EIGER Student classroom standing desks. In October 2020 they decided to increase that to 24.

Here’s why…

  • Impacts on children

“The standing desks have such a positive impact on children who find sitting still for long periods of time challenging. Children have commented that they feel much more awake and engaged when using the desks. The desks enable the children to move around whilst continuing to learn.”

  • Impacts on teachers

“Almost every class in our school will have at least one standing desk. The desks have been trialled by all teachers and the feedback has been incredibly positive! Classes are much more settled enabling class teachers to target specific children and groups of children as behaviour and distractions in class have been improved significantly. Evidence has shown that handwriting improves, outcome is higher and more progress is made.”

  • Design/product features that work in the classroom.

“The desks are easily moved between children in different lessons – depending on needs. They can easily be sanitised and it is so useful that we are able to change the height of the desks as the height of a Year 3 child can be significantly different to the height of a year 6. The desks are of a high quality and are very sturdy.”

  • Overview

“This is such a worthwhile investment for schools and we use part of our sports premium to pay for these as they promote active collaborative learning whilst enabling children to make progress in lessons. We have now purchased 24 standing desks and I expect this number will continue to rise.”

Dobcroft Junior School are just one of over 250 Primary Schools using EIGER Student classroom standing desks every day making it the UK’s No.1.

There are so many reasons to offer children an alternative to sitting and learning in a classroom environment – day in, day out. Dobcroft Primary are just one of a growing number of schools who are benefiting from a flexible learning environment. You can join them with a free 4 week trial. Just click this link and find out how to –  http://bit.ly/eigertrialinfo

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