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Gamers Hit Start on Cancer Research Fundraising

The sedentary lifestyle that has become so commonplace amongst young people is responsible to numerous illnesses such as diabetes and many more obesity related cancers. One group of non-movers these days are video gamers. Many can be so hooked on their games that they sit for extended periods of time without regular breaks to play the latest instalment of their favourite game. Just. One. More. Go.

Now in reality we don’t have any extra lives so what can you do to make sure you’re as healthy as possible when undergoing your gaming marathon?

Now aside from the obvious advice of ensuring you undertake regular exercise breaks (At least an hour a day to meet optimal recommended standards) it’s worth noting that gamers have also started to take up standing desks as a way to stay health positive whilst undertaking long gaming sessions and not stopping what they love.

A number of our customers have told us the Eiger Pro desk has become a perfect companion to change their gaming setup to a standing based one whilst online Twitch streamers are also starting to get in on the action as their dream job now means being sat all day has almost become an necessary evil.

Well the standing desk solution for gamers means you’ll be more inclined to make micro movements and take regular breaks to stretch your legs. Taking a minute to eat, stretch, hydrate or empty your bladder can keep your energy levels up keeping you on your game and in the best possible health and position to win.
Early reports has taught us that competitive games are seeing the benefits of integrating standing into their everyday setup as it helps them feel more mental acuity and focus. i.e. Standing is literally keeping them focused and on their game.

Gamers all know that when you get tired physically or mentally you start to slip. Making school boy errors and letting you teams down. We’re not giving you the old “how do you do fellow kids” here this has been tested by gamers who testify that gaming upright puts you in exactly the right mental state you need to be top of your game.

Not Us, Honest.

We all know how much better you play when you lean forward right? Well standing just multiplies that and focuses your mind by increasing the blood flow around the body and supplying oxygen to your brain and your extremities much better than if you’re playing from the couch.

It seems StandUp To Cancer the Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 fund raising initiative hasn’t failed to notice the connection between gamers and the sedentary lifestyle and they have setup a campaign which encourages players to take on a gaming challenge to raise cash for life saving cancer research. Donning it up in your favourite games in unique and interesting ways during a fortnight of Fundraising from 11-25 October with a link to your JustGiving page is all you need to do to get involved. There’s a helpful sign up page to get stuck in right here.

To find out how easy it is to get involved you see more about the campaign here.

For total streaming noobs, Yogscast have produced a tongue in cheek video on how gamers can set themselves up a fundraising stream on Twitch, Youtube or other platform here.

So you can attempt a gaming marathon, go for a record or (and we think this a goer!) Literally stand up to cancer by taking on a gaming standing challenge and show people how easy and important it is to stay fit and healthy when you game and how much you benefit once you break through the angst barrier.

I want A Standing Desk will contribute £20 to Stand-Up To Cancer for every one of you raising money for this month’s campaign using any of our standing desks… and we have just launched the perfect accessory to your gaming challenge in the Eiger Pro Plus for those clever tech folk who need the extra real estate to power up their dual monitor game streaming setup.

The Eiger Pro Plus holds to the same exceptional design standards as the Eiger Pro but also includes a top shelf which will fit two monitors on. It retails at £227 +VAT and includes Free delivery and would be the perfect desk mate to your gaming record breaking.

The product is so early days we don’t have our typical shmanzty photo-shoot shots yet but here’s a sneak peek for those who like to be an early adopter you can get in touch to order the Pro Plus now and we’ll organise it by special order.

So what’s stopping you gamers? Get hydrated, get standing and get your game face on to raise money for Cancer Research. Cancer is the new end game boss and it beats over 9000 young people each year. This is your turn to take it down and smash those numbers to oblivion by doing what you love.

Please keep us updated by social and we will happily signal boost any stand up to cancer gaming challengers. If you can’t undertake the fundraising but want to donate directly to Stand-Up To Cancer you can do this here.

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