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Movement is magic and medicine…

So here we are in lock down. It’s not a nice word and instantly we associate it with negative emotions and feelings. It indicates that we’re trapped and unable to move about freely…to do what we want.

Human’s need to move to be healthy and happy both physically and mentally. It’s a fact. Not one we always pay enough attention to in “normal modern day times”.

But moving, taking exercise, playing sport is nature’s magical medicine…and it makes us smile too.

Just take a look at Joe Wicks, “The Nation’s PE Teacher”. You won’t have been able to miss what he’s doing and the positive engagement he’s had.

Look at the enjoyment of both children and parent’s when they’re “working out” together. It’s bloody amazing and uplifting!

Joe Wicks Nations PE Teacher

3.7 million people watched his first video this week…3.7 million people! They all wanted to do something positive and active and I’ll put my house on the fact that at the end of the 30 minute session 99% of children and adults who did it we’re smiling and feeling great.

We get this type of feedback from schools that are using our EIGER classroom standing desks. The children don’t want to be sat all day, every day in lessons. They probably don’t know why they don’t, but they just don’t. It’s not natural. It’s not in their biological blueprint.

“My Y6 class love using the EIGER standing desks for maths, rather than longer writing activities – but they are so popular we have to organise a rota for each group of children!” Dobcroft Primary School. Sheffield.

When they stand, they can fidget and “move” without being disruptive. Nobody stands still (unless you’re a guard outside Buckingham Palace!), we make micro-movements and this increases our oxygen and glucose levels. Vitally it increases positive endorphins in the brain which stimulate us and helps us feel good. Sitting is the complete opposite.

EIGER Student standing desk

So let’s give Joe Wicks a round of applause. Hats off to him. He’s highlighted how movement and exercise positively impact us physically and mentally. How we should make sure it’s part of our daily routine. How it brings people together and makes us smile.

Let’s not brush this under the carpet when the lockdown goes away.

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