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News: Teacher Banned for Tickling and Suggestive Remarks To Pupils

63 year old Timothy Moore a humanities teacher from Clacton Coastal Academy, in Essex has been dismissed for making inappropriate remarks to several female students including describing how he would “love to be in detention alone” with the three of them.

The teaching Regulation Agency heard that Moore also engaged in unwelcome physical contact when tickling a student.

The teacher had previously been subject to a written warning regarding his behaviour and safeguarding training on moderating his behaviour prior to new allegations resulting in his two year ban from the profession.

He had told a pupil “I would spank you but it would be a bit inappropriate,” and suggested he could “pull” one of the pupils. He had allegedly put his arm around pupils patting their lower backs.

The panel said he had engaged in “unsolicited and unwelcome physical contact with pupils, which in some instances made them feel uncomfortable”.
The panel seemingly concluded that the actions were not sexually motivated and attributable to Mr Moore’s persona.

The panel recommended that he be allowed to appeal after two years against a prohibition order as “given time for reflection, Mr Moore may develop sufficient insight into his lack of judgement, the inappropriateness of his behaviour and may be able to offer assurances about future conduct”.

Source: Independent

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