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One Desk Does Not Fit All

It has become common practise now when fitting out a business or home office to simply select a desk that fits the interior, not a design that suits the staff. The fact that a desk is actually a piece of equipment to be used is often forgotten in the rush to complete a certain design scheme, and as such user comfort ends up bottom of the priority list, but this shouldn’t be the case. Height adjustable desks should be the norm in every office to help prevent poor posture and promote staff wellbeing. An incorrectly placed monitor and desk height will cause niggling problems that with time could escalate into repetitive strain injuries, resulting in staff absences and ultimately reduced profits.

For truly forward thinking companies, a fantastic solution is a height adjustable standing desk, whereby the user can easily switch between sitting and standing with just a few simple steps. Not everybody can stand up all day to work, but it often surprises people just how long they can work comfortably while standing, especially if they know they can switch back to sitting within only a few seconds and a simple desk adjustment. For businesses that have embraced joined up working and often use a hot desking format, an office that allows for a work station to be swiftly customised for every user is ideal.

Sit stand desks are also great for complying with all staff member’s needs. For users where standing all day isn’t an option knowing that a desk can easily be lowered, for example to suit a wheelchair, means that the workspace is fully inclusive. This type of flexibility is also great for pregnant staff members who need to rest their swollen ankles but will also appreciate the chance to switch to a standing position when the bump starts getting too heavy while sitting! A Rest & Guest Chair is a handy accessory for any standing desk as it means that the desk doesn’t need to be lowered every time somebody wants to sit down. This gives workers the best of both worlds, all while enjoying a desk positioned perfectly for their height and abilities.









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