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Simple way to beat off arthritis: Balanced diet and exercise can help to overcome an awful and painful condition.

People WalkingResearch suggests simple changes like moving more and eating the right food could be the key to tackling the painful condition that affects 10 million UK adults. Some 8.5 million sufferers have the most common form osteoarthritis – which is caused by wear and tear on joints.

For decades it was thought to simply be part of growing old but now research suggests cases of arthritis could be rocketing because of chronically unhealthy lifestyles

Chronic diseases all have an inflammatory component and this seems to be driven by our sedentary lifestyles. Humans in modern day life move less and our diets have changed – we are basically sitting on multiple health time bombs. The answer is to eat well, control weight and move more. Joints need regular movement to work properly.

Arthritis causes stiffness, swelling, and tenderness when joints are moved – generally in the knees, hips and hands. It typically affects people over the age of 40 and was previously thought to be due to muscles weakening and the body being less able to heal itself, or the joints slowly wearing out over time.

But the major review found the onset of the incurable condition is not inevitable.

The search for new ways of treating debilitating complaints comes after research showed nearly half of all British adults now live with chronic back pain or arthritis.

It’s this simple. Eat well – Move more – Walk – Use Stairs – Standing Desks.

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