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Stand up for your health (and productivity)

“I’ve been sitting down all day” is a common refrain among workers, “from the car to work, then all day in work, and in the car all the way home.” By the time you get through the front door, you’re probably exhausted from all that sitting down, and way too tired for a workout at the gym.

Then there’s bad posture from all that sitting down; in the car, but also especially if your job entails staring at a computer screen all day. Many people simply don’t have the right lumbar support in their office chairs and many suffer from spinal stress due to it being in a curved position for long periods.

All of this, and more, is why it makes sense to stand up for your health at work. The stand up desk is fast becoming the new paradigm in the office and more and more people, including top government officials around the world, are recognising the intrinsic health, as well as productivity benefits, they have.

We all know that our bodies were not made to be slumped over in the sitting position for endless hours at a time, that to be healthy and avoid injury we have to move and stand, and a combination of the two. We only have to look at the obesity crisis affecting many countries of the world to know that inactivity (and overeating) is disastrous to one’s health. In addition to the health benefits of a standing desk, many people say they feel more creative and are therefore more productive – great news for their bosses.

Plus, what a great combination; a workout while working, even if you don’t know it. Standing burns significantly more calories than sitting, for obvious reasons – the muscles in your legs and elsewhere are not at rest, as when you’re sitting, but constantly working and using up calories, and you’re toning your legs.

However, you don’t have to consign yourself to a working life of standing up forever, when you can opt instead for a sit stand desk, allowing you a rest every now and then. Make sure you choose a height adjustable desk so you’re working at the right level and not bending over or reaching up, and then the productivity will just flow right out of you.

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