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Standing desks at Club Workspace London

We want you to freeze! What’s your sitting position? We bet you anything you’re sitting hunched forward, your neck straining forward like an ostrich about to jump the gun. You might even be slumped resting your chin in your hand, the other idly scrolling the touchpad. Your wrists ache, your shoulder muscles feel sore and the lines where your stomach folds over are threatening to become etched in abs that aren’t as hard a stone. You’re not alone…far from it! Most of the UK is guilty of over-sitting. And it’s been a problem ever since people starting working at desks.

In the 1950’s a study in the Lancet compared bus conductors to bus drivers and found that the former, since they spent more of their time standing, were 50% less likely to develop heart disease. More up-to-date studies have confirmed this. When we sit, our body breaks down glucose less efficiently, leading to heart problems, whatever the diet – caveman or Atkins. In fact the most important thing we can learn from cavemen isn’t how they ate, but how they didn’t sit.

Club Workspace is an innovative and fast-growing network of creative co-working business clubs, with exclusive locations across London for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

Well-being is at the top of Club Workspace priorities, therefore they’ve decided to trial standing desks at Club Workspace Bankside over the next month.

A Club Workspace branded Big Jack sit-stand desk in Classic Oak is on its way down to the “big city” getting ready to revolutionise the way that their customers work.

Club Workspace…welcome to the Office Athletes Club!

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