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Standing desks can give your office a great leg up

Getting the most out of your work day can be difficult. Maybe you struggle for motivation, or get easily distracted. From the moment you sit down at your desk, it seems like everything tries to sidetrack you from a productive and dynamic day. But you may discover that staying on your feet at a standing desk can see you becoming much more active and give you a drastic boost to your health.

Staying on your feet for the best part of the day is, unsurprisingly, a good way of giving your health a great boost. From the extra calories you will burn in a day, to the improvement in circulation that boosts your metabolism and can help keep a range of disease and ill health at bay, you will easily gain a benefit from a standing desk at work. A journalist for a UK newspaper was able to lose half a stone in just a month, and saw a great reduction in body fat. Just think how your life will be improved by a standing desk in your work life.

Stay on your feet and stay active

Sitting down causes your body to slow down, reducing your brain power and generally reducing your energy levels. Not only can this have a bad effect on your health, it also gets in the way of a good working day. Working at a standing desk will allow you to maintain the momentum you built up getting to work in the first place meaning you can hit the ground working as you get to your desk. Staying more active will not only keep the boss happy but will also let you feel good about yourself as well.

Standing desks for the whole office

The benefits of standing at work make the choice to offer standing desks to the whole office incredibly tempting. Every office manager wants to find some way of improving production at work. Promoting standing at work with a height adjustable desk for each employee can give your entire staff both an improvement to their productivity and will generally see the whole office feeling healthier and happier during the work day.

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