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Writers Who Stood Up To Work

The image of the writer at work is a favourite stereotype – sitting hunched over a desk, feverishly creating long into the night. However, many of our most well-known and best beloved authors extol the virtues of the standing desk. Some famous authors who have written their masterpieces using a stand up desk include:

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway is one of the world’s most critically acclaimed writers, and he often attributed his own amazing productivity partly to his use of a stand up desk. In a famous interview with journalist George Plimpton he claimed to have written standing up ‘since the beginning’ and believed it gave him more focus and increased his creative flow.

Virginia Woolf

Who’s afraid of a standing desk? Certainly not Virginia Woolf. She reportedly did the majority of her writing as a young woman living in her parents house at a stand-up desk and carried on the practice into later life.

Charles Dickens

One of the world’s best loved classical authors, Dickens wrote many of his still adored masterpieces such as ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘David Copperfield’ and ‘Great Expectations’ at stand up desks. Another great writer of the period, Elizabeth Gaskell, noted on a visit to his house that although there were ‘a great many easy chairs’ he did all of his writing at a stand up desk.

Thomas Wolfe

The critically acclaimed writer did write standing up, but had a slightly novel approach to it. Described as being incredibly tall, he wrote his masterpieces on top of the refrigerator! Thankfully these days most stand up desks are easily height adjustable.

The curse of the dreaded ‘writer’s bottom’ can also be avoided using a standing desk. A common complaint among modern writers, ‘writers bottom’ refers simply to the effects on one’s figure and buttocks of being sedentary for hours every day. Lumpy custard, anyone? However, using a stand up desk can contribute to weight management, better posture and more toned legs and buttocks, making flabby derrieres as a result of using a sitting desk a thing of the past.

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