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Mental Health Issues On The Rise In Primary Schools

The BBC have produced a short video documenting their interviews with three primary school head teachers who say they feel completely unsupported by the government when it comes to offering mental health support to their pupils.

The BBC say there has been a 50% increase in referrals to mental health services for pupils aged 11 and under in the last 3 years.

“I think the government needs to decide whether they want us to be social workers and mental health workers or educators.”

– Sue Blair, Pennine Way Primary School

Staff members at Pennine Way School were said to have cried together over the things they have been told by their pupils with mental health needs. They have seen children who self-harm on the premises by banging their heads against walls.

Freedom of information requests have shown that there have been 191 self-harm incidents within school walls since 2015.

“I find it really abhorrent, there’s nothing that we can realistically do, that is going to give the child the help that that child needs.”

Clem Coady, Head teacher, Stoneraise School

One in 10 primary school children aged five to 10 has an identifiable mental health condition. In serious cases schools are told to escalate the issues and refer to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) One head teacher explained how they are still waiting for feedback on a child who has serious mental health concerns two full years since the referral.

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists “Services for children have been historically underfunded.” One head teacher cites the UK being the 5th most powerful economy in the world and asks why we still under nourish the support for mental health in young people despite those challenges being well on the rise alongside the over-use of handheld devices and reliance on screen time being directly linked with a greater likelihood of children developing depression . (See the research here)

The head teachers are crying out for help and support whilst the government  company line says they are “determined to improve mental health support for kids.” Stating that 345,000 more children and young people with have access to specialist mental health care by 20232/24.

Meanwhile it’s clearly evident that schools are ill equipped to handle the increasing rise in mental health issues emerging in modern society and unless the government does follow through on these promises the issues are only going to become a greater tax on our economy as under supported children become problematic adults with un-tackled issues and mental health problems which have been long standing since primary school.

CAMHS refuses to accept that a child can be considered depressed before they are 7 years old and this in itself means they deflect requests for support when a school flags a pre-7 with said issues. This lack of qualification and rebuttal just isn’t working and it remains to be seen how schools will be affected as if the issues continue to rise at the same speed as the last 3 years.

Standing desks and flexible seating options in the classroom are reported to help children alleviate anxiety, tension and have a tendency to generally improve student mental health.

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Watch the piece by the BBC you’ll no doubt find yourself in agreement that it’s time to tackle the white elephant in the classroom.

How to develop a mentally healthy school.

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